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Fall 2023 Tasting Schedule

How it works

What’s better than enjoying wine with other wine loving type people? We feel that wine is intended to be a social beverage and we try to keep it that way. Our tastings are small, casual, informative, and semi-intimate (in the good way). We host up to 18 people, pick a theme, source some killer wines, gather, taste, and enjoy. Keeping things small allows us to talk with you, rather than AT you.

Tastings run from 7 to approximately 9pm.

Payment is required in advance.

With enough notice, tastings are transferrable, but not refundable.

Each evening includes a guided tasting and lighter fare. We do however encourage guests to eat before attending. We also ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, as this can affect the aromas and flavours of the wines, and the way other attendees perceive these aromas and flavours.

Please arrange for responsible transportation.

Above all, enjoy yourself!!

To reserve your seats - - or text 587.579.9463

  • September 16 - Paul - An Intro to Blind Tasting $60
    Leave your blindfolds at home you sickos. Although.…I am much better looking to people wearing one…I digress (shocker). Tonight Paul will be pouring a range of delicious wines all presented blind. Why you ask? So that you use your instincts and senses to determine which wines you like best, not the pretty label or price tag. Not to worry, there is no test at the end like we had to do.
  • September 23 - Paul - The Science of Wine $60
    Want to know more about how wine is made, and why they taste the way they do? Then this more in-depth, slightly more technical, but no more professional tasting is for you.
  • Friday September 29 - Poderi Colla Tasting $70
    Tonight, Christina, owner of Salivate Wine will be presenting one of her incredible producers - Poderi Colla. A family that has been making wine in the Langhe (Barolo, Barbaresco) in Italy since the 18th century.
  • October 7 - Paul Thanksgiving Food & Wine $60
    It is Thanksgiving weekend, why not come in and try a handful of wines we recommend serving with dinner?
  • October 14 - Earthy Reds for the Fall $60
    Is there anything better than some nice earthy reds to pair with the cooling weather? I mean, probably. Join us tonight to see if we can think of any…
  • October 21 - Searching for Value $60
    Value and cheap are two different things. To me, value is a statement of quality. How can I best spend my wine budget? Sign up and find out.
  • October 28 - Cabernets $60
    I really do not think I have ever done a straight Cabernet tasting. Maybe it is about time. Join us tonight for some big ol’ teeth stainers from around the world.
  • November 4 - Paul - Fortified & Dessert Wines $70
    It has been a long time coming. Another round of some of your favourite wines to finish a meal, or have as a meal. No judgement.
  • November 18 - Full Reds $60
    A staple on the fall schedule is an event dedicated to full bodied red wines.
  • November 25 - Spicy Reds $60
    What makes a wine spicy? The grape varietal? Production methods? Both? Tonight we will try and figure it all out.
  • *** Stay tuned, we will likely add dates as the fall progresses.