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Winter 2024 Tasting Schedule

How it works

What’s better than enjoying wine with other wine loving type people? We feel that wine is intended to be a social beverage and we try to keep it that way. Our tastings are small, casual, informative, and semi-intimate (in the good way). We host up to 18 people, pick a theme, source some killer wines, gather, taste, and enjoy. Keeping things small allows us to talk with you, rather than AT you.

Tastings run from 7 to approximately 9pm.

Payment is required in advance.

With enough notice, tastings are transferrable, but not refundable.

Each evening includes a guided tasting and lighter fare. We do however encourage guests to eat before attending. We also ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, as this can affect the aromas and flavours of the wines, and the way other attendees perceive these aromas and flavours.

Please arrange for responsible transportation.

Above all, enjoy yourself!!

To reserve your seats - - or text 587.579.9463

  • March 2 - Austria (Not Australia) - Christina $60
    Christina from Salivate wines is back! This time sharing her extensive knowledge of a VERY underrated wine producing country - Austria.
  • March 9 - Island Wines $60
    By this point of the winter I am sure we all wish we were on a nice warm island somewhere. Since we can’t be, let’s drink some wines that might make us feel like we are.
  • March 16 - Syrah $60
    A personal favourite - a night dedicated to this delicious grape and the wines that come from it.
  • March 23 - Southern Hemisphere $60
    South Africa, Tasmania, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Uruguay, and maybe more! Wine producing countries from the bottom half of the globe, with a huge range of wines that they make best. Tonight, we will taste them. Taste them real good.
  • March 30 - Food & Wine - Paul $60
    Next up in our food & wine series - what, and how to pair wine with food.
  • April 6 - Indigenous Grapes of Italy $60
    There are more than a 1000 different grapes grown in Italy. Tonight we will scratch the surface, tasting a handful of grapes you may not have fallen in love with yet.
  • April 13 - Underrated Grapes & Wines $60
    “I don’t get no respect…” Why should Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc get all the attention? There are barrel loads of different grape varietals and wine styles that are flying under the radar. Tonight we will try some of them, and who knows, we might even find the next big thing.
  • April 20 - Proper Champagne $120
    All Champagne is sparkling wine (well, I guess not the pretty rare non-bubbly versions of wine from the region, that’s a different story), but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Tonight we will taste just some incredible wines, like weak in the knees type stuff. **Note the price difference, presentation, space, food will all be about the same, the extra $ goes directly into the level of wines being poured.
  • April 26 - Pinot Family $60
    April 27 - Pinot Family $60
    I’m not going to screw around. I know one night will sell out, so we will just start with two from the get-go. A staple on the spring schedule is a night dedicated to a royal family worth caring about, the Pinot family.
  • May 4 - Spain Red vs. White $60
    Tonight we will pit some of Spain’s best red grapes against some of the country’s best white ones, we will taste them in wine form of course…
  • May 11 - Mother’s Day - Sparkling $60
    A toast to Mom. Tonight we will enjoy a range of sparkling wines that will definitely put tomorrow morning’s brunch Mimosa to shame.
  • May 25 - Light Bodied Reds for the Spring - Paul $60
    We of course love all kinds of wines in all kinds of weather. We would not do what we do if we felt otherwise. But we understand people’s tastes change with the seasons. So tonight we will focus on red wines from the lighter bodied end of the spectrum.
  • June 1 - Rosé - Paul $50
    Rosé all day! Or night in this case. A pile of dry rosés from easily one of the best rosé that walls I have seen.
  • June 8 - Whites - $60
    Most of our events are focused on red wines. Tonight is the time to shine for some of our glorious white wines.