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2022 Events

  • September 10 - Welcome Back with Sparkling $60
    It has been a minute since we have hosted our events, so we want to welcome everyone back with a sparkling wine tasting.
  • September 17 - Pinotfest $60
    An evening dedicated to Pinot Noir and its sister grapes.
  • September 24 - Southern French Gems - Paul $60
    Some, well, a lot, of our favourite wines come from the South of France. Tonight, Paul will guide you through the regions and varietals, and show why the area is so well known for such great value.
  • October 1 - Home & Away $60
    A tasting comparing wines made from grapes from their home-and-native-lands poured against their adopted ones.
  • October 29 - Wine Buzz Words $60
    What the hell is an orange wine? What in the world is a natty wine? What does it mean when someone says minerally? Are old vines better? Our answers to these questions and so much more will be on display tonight.
  • November 5 - Mediterranean Wines - Paul $60
    The Mediterranean basin has been doing the whole wine thing for a long ass time. Finally they are getting their due in Canada. See why tonight.
  • November 12 - Full Bodied Reds - Paul $60
    Cooler weather means one thing - fuller bodied reds. Tonight we will taste a range of winter faves.
  • November 19 - Unordinary Varietals $60
    Tonight we’ll be pouring a range of wines made from off the beaten path grape varietals.
  • November 26 - Famous Blends $60
    What is in a Bordeaux? What grows in the Rhone Valley? What are the main grapes in Valpolicella, what about Cava? Tonight we will guide you through some of your favourite wines that you may or may not have known were blends.