What’s better than enjoying wine with other wine loving type people?  We feel that wine is intended to be a social beverage and we try to keep it that way.  Our tastings are small, casual, informative and semi-intimate (in the good way).  We host 14 people, pick a theme, source some killer wines, gather, taste, and enjoy. Keeping things small allows us to talk with you, rather than AT you.

Tastings run from 7 to approximately 9pm.

Payment is required in advance. With enough notice, tastings are transferrable, but not refundable.


Each evening includes a guided tasting and lighter fare. We do however encourage guests to eat before attending. We also ask that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, as this can affect the aromas and flavours of the wines, and the way other attendees perceive these aromas and flavours.

Please arrange for responsible transportation.
Above all, enjoy yourself!!

To reserve your seats – or 403.981.9463

Next Events

Volcanic Wines $50

February 29

I thought it would be interesting to organize a tasting based on what the vines grow in, rather than where they grow. The result of that thought, is a tasting of wines grown in volcanic soils.  For example Mount Etna in Sicily. Not only do they look cool, but Volcanic soils are said to increase aromatics and minerality in wines. I guess we shall see.

South America $50

March 7

The quality of wine coming from Chile and Argentina has increased by leaps and bounds in a few short years.  Values are incredible as well.  We will be tasting some great examples of what can be done in South America.


Australia $50

March 28

It has been a minute since I’ve done an Australian tasting, so that’s what we are going to do.

April 4 – Spain $50
This is always one of the most popular tastings, and well, I missed it last time, so here we go again.

April 18 – Wines from the Desert (not dessert) $50
Sometimes vines are planted because literally nothing else will grow in those areas. Tonight we will visit wines grown in areas dry enough to be classified as desert wine regions (like parts of the southern Okanagan for example).

April 25 – Pinot Family $55
Pinot Noir is known as the princess of grapes. So dig out your tiaras (stop it, I know you have one) and join me tonight to taste a few different Pinots (mostly Noir).

May 2 – Reds for the Warming Weather $50
By May, we are hopefully looking at some warmer days, tonight Paul will guide you through some favourite wines to enjoy during the warmer summer months.

May 9 – Emerging Grapes and Wine Styles $50
The wine industry is always changing and evolving, tonight we will taste some of the trendy ‘new’ wines and varietals.

May 23 – Rose $45
It is here to stay (woo hoo!). Tonight we will taste a range of roses made from different grapes and regions around the wine world. All dry.

June 6 – Aromatic Whites $45
Our tastings are almost always red wine based. For many of us, warmer weather means a change from heavy reds to more refreshing whites. This tasting will feature aromatic white wines, for the most part dry, and might even introduce you to some new varietals.