Virtual Wine Tastings!

Of course we are excited to one day share a glass of wine, or two, or eight, with you in person, but for now, this is the best we can do.

What’s the Deal?

We have recorded a series of different wine tasting videos for you to enjoy at home with you and your people. We give you a code to login online, you grab the six-pack of wine at Vinestone, and enjoy whenever you like with your favourite people.

The video is $50 (total, not per person) and will expire 24 hours after completion. So far, they are all an hour-ish to an hour and a half-ish long, and feature six wines around a theme. You will receive a code and instructions how to log in. To start we have six different options and will continually be recording an adding on.

But Adam, what about wine?
Wine is extra, the price depends on the tasting. See the menu below. I have structured it in a way that if six people are tasting, it averages $40-50 per person.

But Adam, what about food?
This one is up to you. Each package will have simple food pairing ideas, with more detailed ones in the video.

But Adam there are only two of us.

That is not a question, but I can answer anyway. The beauty is you can pause the videos and come back. Only want to do two wines a night? Cool. Pause it and do the next two tomorrow!


The Menu
The price is for the six-pack of wines

Italian Reds $213.15
A fun trek through one of the wine world’s most important countries.

Unique and Interesting Grapes and Wine Styles $228.90
A collection of seriously wonderful lesser known grapes and wines.

Organic Wines $208.95
Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable wines explained.

Full Bodied Reds $220.50
A selection of fantastic full bodied red wines.

Pinot Noir $226.80
A Pinot Noir tasting. Need more details?

Food and Wine Pairing Fundamentals $203.70
Discussing the principles behind food and wine pairing.

To sign up –

*Price includes taxes and deposit
*Prices subject to change slightly as wine prices and availability do fluctuate from time to time.